What to Expect

During the Service
Our services typically last approximately 90 minutes. We normally begin with a musical prelude, followed by a reading of a Psalm and congregational singing. We then have public Scripture reading, followed by prayer and singing to prepare our hearts for the sermon. We close the service with the offering, announcements, and the final benediction. We normally administer the Lord’s Supper on the first Sunday morning of each month.

Nursery is available for infants and children through age 3 for all church services.

Children’s Church is held during the pastor’s sermon on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month for children age 4 through 4th grade.

The Sermon
Since we endeavor for all aspects of our worship to be shaped and permeated by the Word of God, we value fervent, Biblical, expository, Spirit-anointed, God-exalting, personally-helpful preaching. Sermons are typically 45-60 minutes. Listen online.

Music and Singing
Because we believe that worship is primarily about God, our worship services are designed mainly for the benefit of believers to express corporately their passion for the greatness of God with such joy and reverence that unbelievers who are present may also be awakened and give Him glory.

Again, because we believe that worship is primarily about God, we do not give priority of consideration to questions of personal preference or opinions about style. Rather, we value the importance and variety of old and new, historic and current. So, we pray that “the Holy Spirit may lead us into ways of worship that are continuous with the historic witness of worship given to the church throughout its history in the world, and at the same time He may lead us into the discovery of new forms and patterns that meet the needs of the people of our day” (R. Webber, “Worship Old and New”). We will continue to be a “both/and” people that cherishes all the richness and freshness of a blend of casual and formal, contemporary and traditional, in our musical repertoire so that heartfelt joy and God-centered reverence is fostered among us.

We believe that musical instruments are to be an aid to worship, so we seek to use them in such a way that they do not distract attention from God to man, overpower the voices of the congregation, or manipulate the emotions, but rather assist in expressing genuine heartfelt worship toward God. Thus, we encourage freedom in worship that is God-honoring and authentic, allowing for Biblically appropriate responses to God’s multifaceted glory as we linger for extended periods in His presence.

View a recent Sunday Bulletin and get an idea of some of the songs we sing.