Our name itself helps define who we are and why we’re here. Grace Church was founded in 2001 with a vision to reach the North Atlanta community and beyond with the Gospel of God’s matchless grace in Jesus Christ.

We are an independent community church that is Baptist in theology and driven by the desire to be a people-loving, God-centered, Christ-exalting, Bible-saturated congregation. We are deeply committed to the sovereignty of God and the authority of Scripture, and to teaching it faithfully, and obeying it with our hearts. Our worship services are designed to be God-focused. While valuing the importance of the old and new, the historic and current, we seek to worship with a richness and freshness that overflows into an authentic expression of adoration to God from hearts that are eager for God to draw near to us.

We sincerely desire to be the kind of church family where you will feel Christ’s love through us, and where God’s grace is evident in our openness and outgoing spirit; where genuine and joyful love permeates relationships that are personal, supportive, and faith-building. We trust that you’ll discover God’s grace among us. Our prayer is that we live up to both His and our name.


Our passion is to glorify our great God by spreading the glad message of His grace to as many people as possible, both locally and globally, and disciple believers in spiritual maturity and joyful service to Jesus Christ.

We are excited about the ministry that God has called us to in this community and around the globe. Our goal is to magnify our great God by exalting Him to “every tribe, tongue and nation.” We invite you to join us in the greatest purpose of all … the mission to “fill the earth with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.” (Habakkuk 2:4)


Beliefs are like the foundation of a house – they have to be solid or else your life and, more importantly, your eternity are at great risk. What you build your life upon matters – forever. There are certain truths that we at Grace Church have committed ourselves to, truths that that stand both over us and under us. They stand under us as a sure and stable footing to keep us from sliding into error and eternal destruction. They stand over us as our guide and authority in all matters of life and faith. So with a glad heart we stand on and submit to the truths of Scripture – God’s matchless Word.

Affirmation of Faith (for members)
Affirmation of Faith (for Elders and Teachers)
Why does Grace Church have two Affirmations of Faith?
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